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El Ladron De Palabras 2012 SPANiSH MULTi 720p BluRay x264-TORO

Cover: The Words
Movie Info: The Words (2012) 7.1/10
There's more than one way to take a life. - The Words follows young writer Rory Jansen who finally achieves long sought after literary success after publishing the next great American novel. There's only one catch - he didn't write it. As the past comes back to haunt him and his literary star continues to rise, Jansen is forced to confront the steep price that must be paid for stealing another man's work, and for placing ambition and success above life's most fundamental three words.

Director: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde
Category:Movies > Foreign > Spanish
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