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Prison Break: The Final Break (2009) 8.0/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Prepare yourself for the truth
The movie covers the events which occurred in between the downfall of The Company and the finale of the series. It details the arrest and incarceration of Sara Tancredi, the final escape plan which Michael devises for Sara. It also reveals the ultimate fate of Gretchen Morgan.

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Kevin Hooks, Brad Turner
Starring: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, William Fichtner

Passenger 57 (1992) 5.8/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

He's an ex-cop with a bad mouth, a bad attitude, and a bad seat. For the terrorists on flight 163 . . . he's very bad news.
An infamous terrorist has evaded capture for a long time by being extremely clever and ruthless. Things get interesting when he hijacks a plane carrying famous security expert John Cutter, who isn't about to stand this sort of thing.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Director: Kevin Hooks
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne, Tom Sizemore

Fled (1996) 5.3/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

See how they run.
During a routine prison work detail, convict Piper is chained to Dodge, a cyberhacker, when gunfire breaks out. Apparently, the attack is related to stolen money that the Mafia is after, and some computer files that somebody wants desperately to bury. The pair, who don't exactly enjoy each other's company, escape and must work together if they are to reach Atlanta alive. Luckily, they meet a woman who may be willing to help them.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Director: Kevin Hooks
Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Stephen Baldwin, Will Patton

Black Dog (1998) 5.3/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

The rules of the road are simple. Don't turn back.
An ex-con takes a job driving a truck cross country. What he doesn't know is that the truck is filled with illegal weapons and now he must fight to survive and save his family.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Director: Kevin Hooks
Starring: Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, Meat Loaf

Strictly Business (1991) 5.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

A comedy about a kid who goes from the mailroom to the boardroom by improving relations between a mover & a shaker.
Waymon has a great job in real estate and a promising future, but he's also trapped in a loveless longterm relationship. He meets Natalie, a beautiful club-hopping hipster, and quickly falls in love. Realizing he's just not cool enough to attract her on his own, he seeks the help of his friend Bobby, a free-spirited smooth talker who works in the mail room at Waymon's firm and utilizes the predicament as leverage to advance in the company.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Kevin Hooks, Rolando Hudson
Starring: Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, Anne-Marie Johnson