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For I bought the movie on-line


Hot Flash Havoc (2012)

Reveals fact vs. fiction surrounding menopause, medical & pharmacological research, including options that 
women have regarding their health post menopause, & the most misunderstood, "hormone replacement therapy".

Director: Marc Bennett
Writer: Marnie Inskip
Star: Goldie Hawn


Loved it !...Educational for all women and their supporters
Author: helenmarie_slater from United States
21 September 2012

Saw a preview of Hot Flash Havoc with a theater full of ladies and a few husbands. It was very educational 
and it gave you a lot of things to think about. It gives you ideas and possible tools as you head towards or 
are in menopause.

It was very entertaining in the way they share facts and information from experts. Real women share their 
experiences too. It was a great documentary.

We women are living longer and it is great to get information to help us make the right choices for 

I bought the movie on-line and I'm going to have a couple screening parties. One with just the girls and one 
with spouses.