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For Les Jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz (1981).704x456

Les Jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz (1981).704x456.mkv             
IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080957/                              
This complex and puzzling French drama walks the fine wavering line      
between the fictional and the very real as it tells the tale of a        
strangely erotic event in the life of a little girl and the musings of a 
schizophrenic woman. Also involved is an enigmatic spouse who prepares a 
surprise for a burglar.                                                  
Catherine Binet                                                          
Katia Wastchenko                                                         
Michael Lonsdale                                                         
Carol Kane                                                               
Marina Vlady                                                             
Emmanuelle Riva                                                          
Roberto Plate                                                            
Marilu Marini                                                            
Robert Stephens                                                          
Marucha Bo                                                               
Antoine Binet                                                            
Raoul Escari                                                             
Tobie Schumer                                                            
Carine Toly                                                              
Nathalie Goldnadel                                                       
François Mouren-Provensal                                                
Format:                     Matroska                                     
Format version:             Version 4 / Version 2                        
File size:                  1.61 GB                                      
Duration:                   1h 45m 43s                                   
Overall bit rate:           2.180 Mbps                                   
Format:                     AVC                                          
Duration:                   1h 45m 43s                                   
Bit rate:                   1.881 Mbps                                   
Max bit rate:               15.00 Mbps                                   
Width:                      704 pixels                                   
Height:                     456 pixels                                   
Display aspect ratio:       1.686                                        
Frame rate mode:            Constant                                     
Frame rate:                 25.000 fps                                   
Bit depth:                  8 bits                                       
Scan type:                  Progressive                                  
Format:                     AC-3                                         
Duration:                   1h 45m 43s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Constant                                     
Bit rate:                   256 Kbps                                     
Channel(s):                 2 channels                                   
Channel positions:          Front: L R                                   
Sampling rate:              48.0 KHz                                     
Bit depth:                  16 bits                                      
Compression mode:           Lossy                                        
Language:                   french                                       
Format:                     UTF-8                                        
Format/Info:                Plain text                                   
Language:                   english