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     Title: Intro to CISSP Certification - CISSP Boot Camp
 Publisher: Packt
  Iso Size: 2.4G (2494636032 B)
     Files: 50F
      Date: 09/14/2017

  Course #: 9781788626712
      Type: N/A
 Published: Monday, September 11, 2017
  Modified: N/A
       URL: www.packtpub.com/networking-and-servers/intro-cissp-certification-cissp-boot-camp-video
    Author: Chad Russell
  Duration: 01 hour and 47 minutes
     Skill: N/A
  Exercise: [ ]

Unpack that shit, mount that shit, run that shit

This course covers basic information related to CISSP
certification. (Certified Information Systems Security
Professional)This FREE course includes lessons where you will
learnwhat the CISSP Certification is and how to use these skills to
become a paid security professional. This course is a starting
point for you to chart your course to a well paying and
satisfying Cyber Security career. This course will get you on the
fast track to certification, and ultimately, relentlessly
pursued by recruiters. The demand for Certified Ethical
Hackers, Cyber Security Engineers, Administrators,
Consultants, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc.
is immense. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification is an
attainable path to helping business protect their digital assets in
the cloud and on-premise. You can do it!